The Grand Priory

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The Grand Priory


The Reformed and Rectified Scottish Grand Priory manages the whole rite. It is founded over the CBCS (Beneficient Knights of the Holy City) Code build during the 1778 and 1782 congresses.

Therefore, since 1778 our world has changed. This constitution is taking this in consideration. It has adapted the original general codes in what was only required by the laws and institutions to garantee the integrity of the universal ideal assigned to the Order by its rulers and founders.

All Grand Dignitaries of the Order (in all classes) are chosen in the Inner Order. They are :

  • The Grand Officers of the Grand Lodge
  • The Deputy Masters of the Scottish Directoir
  • The Grand Capitularies

It has a full authority over the Preceptories and Commanderies. Grades are :

  • Novice Equarry (who has been Scottish Master for at least three years)
  • Beneficient Knight of the Holy City (after 1 or 2 years as Equarry)

Commanderies are formed with the Novice Equarries and the Knights of a same city or area. Preceptories are formed with Knights of a same districts. Commanderies are belonging to Preceptories, they are directed by Commanders and Preceptories by Preceptors who are also Grand Capitularies in the Order.

The Grand Priory is governed, under the chair of the Provincial Grand Master, by the Grand Prior. He is elected by the majority of Grand Capitularies. He is the President of the Scottish Directoir to maintain harmony between all the classes of the Order. Therefore, each class remains sovereign in its particular domain.

Grand Capitularies are :

  • The Provincial Master (elected)
  • The Grand Prior (elected)
  • The Prioral Visitor (appointed)
  • The Grand Chancelor (appointed). He is also the Grand Lodge's Grand Secretary.
  • The Grand Treasurer (elected) who is also the Grand Lodge's Grand Treasurer.
  • The Roy d'Armes (appointed)
  • The Preceptors (elected)
  • The General Deputy Master (elected)
  • The Ecclesiastical Prior (appointed)

Capitularies are Commanders (appointed).

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